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Lumens is the “new” way of knowing the brightness of a lamp.
Lumens = Light Output. Watt = Power.
The higher the lumen rating the “brighter” the lamp.

With LED technology, more light output (Lumens) can be achieved with less power (Watts). As technology improves, more Lumens will be produced using even less Watts. As a result, using Watts as a guide to…

LED Light Colour Temperature

LED light colour temperature is measured in Kelvin, K. Light fixtures are found in colour temperatures on the Kelvin scale of between 2700K (extra warm incandescent), 3000K (warm white halogen) and 3500K (white fluorescent). Colour temperatures of 4000K (natural white) are typically used for commercial, industrial, hospital and cleanroom applications, as the light is bright and has a bluish daylight…

Why LED Retrofits – are leading the way!

In recent years, innovation in the lighting sector has focused on LED lighting in the commercial, industrial and residential sectors. The trend towards LED lighting is pushing lighting companies to produce smart and interesting designs for much different application with potential for longevity and efficiency above traditional lighting.

In the Biotech & Pharmaceutical Sectors Facility Managers are open and excited about…

LEDspan lead the way in critical cleanroom production areas with Altair Series

LEDspan’s newly designed Altair Series was manufactured to match the UV light requirements in particular cleanroom areas.  Where light is critical the new LEDspan plate ensures the correct level of UV light is produced at all times in the production area.

The Altair plate has efficiencies of between 169-176lm/W after driver losses. The plate was designed and tested until the optimal…

LEDspan Leads the Way in UV Reduction Project

LEDspan is a young, new, dynamic LED Lighting Design Company. It provides bespoke lighting solutions for Hi-end cleanrooms in the Biotech and Pharmaceutical sectors. LEDspan was approached by a leading pharmaceutical company who had a particular requirement for UV light output in one of its production areas. The task was to cut down the power level at particular wavelengths while…

Stages to a LEDspan Cleanroom Retrofit

A successful clean room lighting upgrade project goes through a number of stages. Preparing and surveying the specifications & needs of the client is a key to its success. Verification of the results helps to ensure the clean room is operating to its optimum.