Cleanroom LED Luminaire

IP65 Walk-On Recessed Cleanroom LED Luminaire



VEGA Bottom Access

IP65 Walk-On Recessed Cleanroom LED Luminaire

LEDspan´s VEGA bottom access is a walk-on LED Luminaire specifically designed for use in Cleanroom walk-on panel ceilings. Available in depths to suit ceiling panels from 50mm to 200mm, the luminaire forms a flush finish below the ceiling and flush walkable finish above the ceiling. This version of VEGA is accessed from below, i.e. the cleanroom side, for applications where access from above may be restricted.


For Clean Environments such as:

  • Pharmaceutical 
  • Food Manufacturing 
  • Micro Electronics Industry
  • Lithium-ion Battery Industry 

Our Range

Explore our range of Vega Bottom Access products below.

Vega Bottom Access LED Luminaires are available in:
50mm, 65mm & 70mm fittings and in 31W, 42W, 54W & 70W.

Other Bespoke dimensions are available on request.

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