About Us

About Us

About Us


Who Are We?

15 years experience in LED manufacturing and technology

LEDspan was created from a background in Cleanroom construction with a deep knowledge in LED Lighting for the Cleanroom and Controlled Environment Industry, with 30 years’ experience in the Cleanroom industry and 15 years experience in LED manufacturing and technology. At LEDspan, our focus is on creating LED luminaires specific to the Controlled Environment setting. All of our light fittings have market leading efficiencies with IP65 ratings and a clean finish.


What We Do?

Bespoke LED Lighting Design company

LEDspan is a dynamic Bespoke LED Lighting Design company. We provide bespoke lighting solutions for Hi-end Cleanrooms in the Pharmaceutical, BioPharma, Laboratories, Semi-Conductor, Medical Devices, Healthcare, Kitchens, Food Industry, Cold Room & Food Preparation Applications, along with other industrial and commercial sectors.

Why Us?

Client Focused approach

Our bespoke designs for our IP Rated lights and fittings are specifically tailored to satisfy our corporate clients’ needs. We guarantee all our customers the best and latest in Low UV LED technology solutions. Our products are manufactured in Ireland and the Far East, giving us the flexibility to provide our customers with the most efficient lighting solutions available, as quickly as possible. Our strengths are our experience, design and technical knowledge, as well as our proven manufacturing credentials.


How we are leading the way?

Market-leading energy performance and excellent financial return

Our customers operate in highly hygienic facilities that require special, easy-to-clean, dust free luminaires that meet all applicable lighting requirements and norms. Our LED controlled environment products give our customers the right solution, with market-leading energy performance. This results in guaranteed low operational cost and excellent financial return. When it comes to innovative pharmaceutical and food industry lights, we are leading the way.