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LEDspan lead the way in critical Cleanroom Production areas with Altair Series

LEDspan’s Altair Series was manufactured to match the UV light requirements in particular cleanroom areas. Where light is critical, the new LEDspan plate ensures the correct level of UV light is produced at all times in the production area. The Altair plate has efficiencies of between 169-176lm/W after driver losses. The plate was designed and tested until the optimal output was produced. The 2mm IMS PCB is of high quality and a solid base. The LED chip for this product is from Seoul semi-conductor, with a binning specification for voltage, CRI, CCT and lumen output that matched our exact needs. Through LEDspan’s underdrive technology the board has a fantastic thermal performance showing TM-21 projected lifetime well in excess of 100,000 to L70.

The board is currently used extensively in areas where UV light levels are critical for example in tablet production. The plate guarantees the necessary low levels of UV light required. LEDspan continues to work closely with our clients to produce bespoke designed lights increase the functionality and performance needed in high-end Cleanrooms.