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LEDspan Leads the Way in UV Reduction Project

LEDspan were approached by a leading pharmaceutical company who had a particular requirement for UV light output in one of its production areas. The task was to cut down the power level at particular wavelengths while maintaining the lighting level. The previous solution used UV cancelling filters, which made the light level, while in production, very low. LEDspan conducted a study to ascertain the feasibility of using its LED lighting to achieve this. From testing of the original lighting with the filters, it was found that the lighting was not achieving the specified UV or Lux levels.

LEDspan’s challenge was to have a lighting solution that could satisfy the Lux levels when rooms are in production or being cleaned. LEDspan’s solution was to retrofit the existing T5 high frequency fluorescent lighting. The company developed a new Retrofit product with a higher lumen output while not breaching the GMP area. This new product has and efficiency of 176lm/cW while the existing T5 product only produced 60lm/cW. The lighting was tested with the spectrometer by LEDspan’s UV Team prior to completion. The result was successful and achieved the UV light output that the client required. The product was designed to enable easy installation into the existing light fitting. The product (Altair) has been developed into a range of Retrofits and is now leading the cleanroom market in efficiency.